Now A Tattoo Artist…

Tattooing at Thomas Pendelton’s tattoo shop – “Spikey’s Dive”.  Tutelage from the famous Thomas Pendelton. I’m looking forward to applying my portraiture skills & wave painting abilities in a new art craft. Soon surfers will be able to get a proper wave painting tattoo from an artist who’s painted surf in every other medium for 35 years.

Phil Roberts tattooing


Phil Roberts tattoo art

Tattoo detail - Pinup Art



  1. Judy Slater Lane

    WOW! I can’t believe you have gone over to the dark side!!! Darth Vadar.
    I’m sure you’re tattoos are amazing.
    I think I want a tattoo on my eyeball, ‘ Kelly’s Mom ‘. No? Too obvious?
    Well, I was thinking about that because my eyes won’t ever droop to my knees…..good thinking? Won’t need botox or silicon or any of those silly thinks those ladies out there get.
    Good Luck on your new venture, you’ll be the best I know. Love Judy

  2. dave

    phil! half way threw getting your billabong art tattoo’s on my bicep..debating color lol.if you give me your email id def want to show you the complete.have had those shorts since grade now 22 and in the canadian forces.a little spray paint and wear yet i still sport those shorts like no ones business.should draw me up something sweet ass for the inside of the half sleeve 😉 haha..taker easy man

  3. I’m so excited to see your taking your amazing skills to the ultimate canvas… skin! Wish I would have known – started a huge back piece. Neo traditional style and of course has a mermaid : ) I call the piece Sarena Siren of the Sea. Ive attached the link so you can check it out. I’m planning half sleeves when I’m done with this piece. Would love to have your beautiful work. Take care my friend! D

  4. Sutton Clark

    I am looking to get one or your pieces of art tatted very soon! Would be amazing if I could have you do it. How long before I would be able I get a piece I work done? I was looking into getting the lion on wave artwork you did its amazing. Thanks

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