Rugrats in Paris – Movie Art Collection

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I was hired by Paramount to illustrate the Rugrats in Paris Teaser movie posters as well as the complete Rugrats in Paris Movie Ad campaign. I was a part of concept design, sketching and finally doing the finished art for “Rugrats The Movie” ,my clients at Paramount were so happy with my work I was the specified artist requested to create all of the concept sketches and movie poster illustrations for the three Rugrat movies. Only one other artist did the finished poster for “Rugrats in Paris” of the kids climbing the Eiffel Tower was done by Dave Christensen.  This “Rugrats in Paris” Art Masterpieces series of paintings won the Key Art award for Animated movie poster advertising that year. The full collection of 15″x19″ fine art giclees on canvas are available, framed.  These are from a sample set of g-clee prints from my collection that were never  reproduced for the public market. A rare collectible for a Rugrats fan.

Contact me directly at for more information, or to make this complete collection yours.


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