What drives 11 World Title Champ Kelly Slater, the legend who has everything, to win? It is the Art!

During a post heat interview, the newly crowned 11x ASP world champ Kelly Slater is asked “What’s Next?”

“At this point I’m just gonna be focused on Pipe. Just trying to, you know, I’d love to win Pipe. Every year Phil Roberts makes an amazing trophy, that board that Gerry shapes it, they put a Jeff Divine photo on and Phil Roberts paints it up, and I mean, that thing is, in my assessment, the prized possession in surfing. And you know not just to win that contest, but to have that piece of art, you know, it’s really like a piece of surf history.”

~Kelly Slater, November 7, 2011.

Kelly Slate quote - Florida Today

Kelly Slate quote in the Florida Today


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