Pipe Masters Trophy Board 2013

kelly slater pipe master champion, trophy board & bronze trophy of Gerry Lopez

@kellyslater – #IWantThatTrophy! #philrobertsart

billabong pipe masters trophy board phil roberts 2013 pipeline champion

2013 Pipe Masters Trophy Board

It’s an honor to be the artist supplying the trophies for the most prestigious surfing event in the world, the Pipe Masters. From my simple beginnings of airbrushing surfboards in Florida as a teenager never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be making boards with the Legendary Gerry Lopez and creating the most coveted and valuable surfboard in the world. I’m stoked to be a part of surfing history.
The Pipe Masters Trophy Collection goes back to 1996; I painted a Pipe Masters event poster for Randy Rarrick that became the basis for the perpetual bronze trophy. Sculpted in clay by hand, I personally manage all the stages of the trophy bronze castings given out to the winners. For the 20th anniversary of Pipe each of the past winners prior to 1996 had received their own edition of the bronze portrait of Gerry Lopez at Pipe. It’s been handed out to each champion ever since.
The trophy surfboard was conceived at Billabong with Event Director Graham Stapleberg after I had painted the 2007 / 2008 contest poster series. It was designed to be an added bonus to the winner of the Pipe. The first board was the black one with the Gold leaf bolt and hand drawn charcoal portrait of Gerry Lopez on the deck. Kelly Slater won that first board and has graciously claimed it as THE trophy to have.

For the last four years I’ve had the honor to portray Andy Irons on the board, painting by hand a recreation of photographs by Brian Beilman, Jeff Divine, Lance Trout and this year a Pat Stacy photograph of Andy. These boards are emotional pieces of art to do and I’m proud of how they came out.

The Making of the Last Year’s Billabong Pipe Masters Trophy from Graham Wade on Vimeo.



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