2014 Pipe Masters Trophies

This year I feel honored to also create the trophies for the Pipe Master’s Mens Invitational Contest and the Women’s Pipe Masters trophy board, as well the perpetual trophy and surfboard trophy. This year’s trophy board is a stunning collaboration made with Gerry Lopez, Kirsten Shultz photographer, and April Slater, is truly a prize to be awarded at the grand finale of the ASP world tour, crowning champions at the BillaBong Pipe Masters.

2014 pipe masters champion trophy lightning bolt surfboard by Gerry Lopez and Phil Roberts

2014 Pipe Masters SurfBoard Trophy – Click Image to see more

7’6” Classic Pipeliner Gun single fin shaped by Gerry Lopez. Glassed by Jim Hodges at OceanWorks in Santa Ana.

Immediately after last years Pipe Masters, I came up with the idea to make this year’s board to be a visual play on board materials to juxtapose a vehicle that floats to look like solid marble. The bottom is a collaboration with Kelly Slater’s sister in law, April Slater, who flew out from Cocoa Beach to lead me on the Faux Marble finish on the bottom of the board, Faux finishes are April’s specialty.  The hand painted marbling has many layers of color work and transparencies to create the depth in marble, it took more than 50 hours over 5 days of steady working. Finished with a light metal flake in the clear coat to add that stone sparkle, giving the board a very real appearance of stone marble with transparent depth and weight.
The deck is of course a hand painted rendition of Kirstin Scholtz photo of Pipeline all done on the sanded hot coat, minimum 40 -50 hours of painting over 5 days ( that may sound quick – I’m a fast painter ). No airbrush this time – all brushes and acrylics.
The board was clear coated with the same high grade clear developed by Dan Gurney used on the Tesla race cars. Stronger than resin and polishes like diamonds. $350 per gallon.
23kt gold leaf pin lines and lightning bolt with a spin pattern. Hand drawn pin lines by hot rod artist Phil Whetstone.

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