About Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts - Self Portrait

Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts – Master Painter

Phil grew up on on the beaches and in the surfing community of Melbourne, Florida. Drawing skills became obvious at the age of 5, he first started earning money doing art at the age of 13. At 15, having learned how to draw caricatures, he would entertain crowds at the sidewalk art shows and sell his drawings around the state. Simultaneously he learned to airbrush and at 16 was employed to spray surfboards for Mike Tabeling and Dick Catri. Phil was the first to pain a split water level surf scene on a board at the age of 18. (That board is in the collection of Donny Mulhern. Phil’s art was featured in magazines and newspapers before he left high school, his commercial art income helped him to put himself through college.

At 17, Phil got a scholarship to Pratt Inst. in New York where he got a BFA in fine arts with Honors, mastering in figure drawing, painting & sculpture. For the last 25 years his skills as a portrait artist have been applied in the movie advertising industry as well as Surf. The Dec. ’82 cover of Surfer launched his career in Hollywood with his first poster “Hot Dog the Ski Movie”. For over two decades, Phil has become one of the top illustrators of movie posters in Hollywood, freelancing for all the major studios. In his hollywood portfolio are over 30 finished posters as well as hundreds of designs for photo shoots. He is one of the favorites amongst the studios and celebrities for his comedy scenes and beautiful portraits of the stars. Phil Roberts is often referred to by his peers as a “Modern day Da Vinci”, as he is best known as a master painter, but his strongest talents lie in his inventions, figure drawing and sculpting. Phil has also become well known in the Surf industry as creator of some of the most memorable paintings and illustrations of surf spots and surf personalities.



  1. Hi Phil, my name is Roberta and I am a big fan of yours! My husband gave me a small resin sculpture of a bodyboarder girl in a barrel with the reef on the botton. It has your signature in the back so I believe you made it! I wanted to know if you would have more bodyboarding scuptures! Thank you!

  2. Lawrence L. deBoxtel III

    Dear Phil,
    I was wondering if you had expanded your art expertise into the tattoo arena yet? I think I had heard through the grapevine you were beginning to work in this type of art.

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