Kelly Slater Surf Art Collection

kelly slater collection surf art phil roberts

Kelly Slater collection surf art by Phil Roberts

Big Thanks to Kelly Slater,  Mentioned on instagram May 2013:
“#PhilRoberts paints the #PipeMasters Trophy every year…an original ClarkFoam blank, shaped by the man himself, #GerryLopez, then emblazoned with the likeness of Gerry from any number of classic surf photos taken of him at Pipe in the 70’s. I wanna win that ‘trophy’ more than any other each year but I really love some of the classic surf paintings Phil does. Here are two of his originals I was lucky enough to buy from him. #MR and #CheyneHoran battling at Burleigh in the 70’s on top was an image I had seared into my brain as a kid. When I got the chance to buy the bottom painting, I asked Phil about this older one. He found it in the @surfer_magazine offices in storage for 20+ years, I believe. Both of these paintings have a lot of surf humor and history in the detailing. Maybe I’ll post some close ups of them. Phil also did a drawing of my dad I posted months back. There is one other old painting one he did of the Florida pros at Sebastian when I was a kid. I’m on the lookout for that one…if anyone knows its whereabouts hit me up! #WhatThingsMean #ChildhoodMemories #ModernDayPostcards #AIForever” ~Kelly Slater

“I’ve loved Phil’s work since I was a kid and he was doing Sundek ads. I have actually bought two pieces from him. He’s such a nice and humble guy, too. It’s great to have someone of his caliber in our world with a passion for what we do. It makes me want to win Pipe just for the trophy he makes each year. It really makes it that much more special. I’m stoked to have been in one or two of his pieces.”

– 11X ASP World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater on the art of Phil Roberts

Kelly Slater Quote Surfer Magazine 2009 Phil Roberts


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