Phil Roberts

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, information,  purchasing art or prints.  I am accepting custom portraits and special orders.

Contact me directly by Email:



  1. Judy Slater Lane

    Dear Phil,
    I have been a fan of your for many years. I’m not rich enough to own one of your masterpieces but if I ever make some money I will spend it on your paintings, etc.
    You have been one of my favorite people forever. Its almost like I know you….Love Judy Slater Lane

  2. Rich

    Hey Phil
    I sent you two other emails. So; I’m a pain in the keester…… You have a few pieces I like but don’t know the $?. I don’t have much, but that’s MY problem. As you know I turn the big 50 next week. I like the one with the two guys on Longboards. One is surfing, the other taking a picture. What does that cost? Anyway, know you’re busy some I’ll stop the emails…. I know your B’day is happening too. So. Happy Birthday and fair winds! Thanks for all the smiles and great art…. Rich Cromwell

  3. Hey Phil,

    Long time, I took your class at Otis. You told me I was going to be a great illustrator some day…damn, not sure if I am, but it really helped boost the ol’ confidence.

    Good to see your stuff, awesome work as always!

    I’ve been making video games mostly, but I worked as an illustrator for a number of years.



  4. Terry Bennett

    Hey Phil, I have an MTB surfboard I ordered at Wrightsville Beach Surf Shop from Woody in late 1974 and I picked it up in early 1975. Woody passed away not long after that. He used to go to MTB in Florida and pick his orders up from Donald Mulhern. The entire bottom is airbrushed with a mirror image of the night ocean with waves forming a tube as they break. Unfortunately I cannot read the signature. Will you please send me contact information so I can send you photos of this board in hopes of finding out who did the art work? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  5. Loki

    Hi phil my name is Loki I am from England.. I have stumbled across your art and think it is amazing. I am a big fan of skull art and yours is top class.. Wanted to ask if you minded if I got one of your skull pieces tattood on me.. Think it would look great next to my skulls from another artist call Tom French. If this a problem and you want to charge me please let me know. Keep up the good work Loki..

  6. Vickie or Scott Eccles

    Hey Phil,
    Love your art infact my husband & I r waiting on our order now billabong skull series of 4 receipt #2253-8554-9426-7187 Please give us a status check ur ph #949-723-1624 is no longer in service. We ordered these on the 2/8/2013

  7. Niko

    Hi Phil
    I’ve seen some resin sculptures of bodyboarders and surfers that I believe you designed. I don’t suppose you know how I’d go about buying one?
    Sydney, Aus

    • Dear Niko, I’m flattered and impressed that you found my resin sculptures somehow all the way down under in Sydney. My parents are from there. Yes I do have a large tube ride sculpture in my art storage. The bodyboarders I’d have to see if my distributor still has any left. These sculptures have been out of production for many years now. Hard to find and very rare. Let me see what I can find and I’ll get back to you. Thanks so much for your interest and inquiry. Best Regards, Phil

      • Hey Niko, My collector friend Taz Tamashiro told me about a website in Hawaii that looks to have a few resin sculptures in stock for sale : Let me know if you’d don’t find what you want. I’m surprised they may still have some. Best, Phil

  8. Hi. Absolutely love your work. I’m involved with a small indie record label in UK. Wondering if we could possibly use the Chevy Chase image for a poster for an indie label showcase gig. Just as one off. If you would be interested please let me know if you have a figure in mind.
    Many Thanks!

    • Hi Si Jones, Love to share that image with you. Being that you’re an Indie, what can you afford to do? I’ll work with you. To be clear you want to use it for a “one off” concert poster? it’s a portrait I did of Chevy Chase for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie poster ( not published ). If Chevy finds out or Warner Bros., there may be a legal protest to the use of the image. But if this is underground, then you’re likely to get away with it. Just don’t tell anyone you got it from me. Contact me at and we can get this worked out. Thanks, Phil

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